FINALLY, a way to provide clarity and understanding for those with hearing aids – at home, on the go, and at events.

Advantage Hearing and Audiology

is proud to contract with


AHA is proud to announce nationwide installation of hearing loop systems by Hearing Loop USA.

Don't be left out of the loop!

Don't be left out!

Advantage Hearing and Audiology now offers service and installation for premium loop systems at an affordable cost. We can loop your living room, your favorite theatre, or even church!

“Our country will never be accessible for people who are hard of hearing unless we make hearing aid compatible assistive listening a reality.”
- Terry Portis, former executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Loop Systems can be purchased by individuals, businesses, and organizations and can be installed in nearly any venue, including your home. Once installed, hearing loop systems will greatly improve the listening experience for your patrons and customers – both those with and without T-Coil (tele-coil) hearing aids and hearing devices.


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